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Monday, September 29, 2008

Lab Assignment # 1

Lab Assignment # 1
by Sri Rahul Mishra Sir

1- Write a program to convert the temperature from 1 scale to another scale. The system should ask for scale.
2- Write a program to solve the general quadratic equation.
3- Write a program to find out largest number among 10 numbers, entered by user.
4- Write a program to sort given 10 numbers in ascending order using the following sorting techniques :
a) Insert sort
b) Selection sort
c) Bubble Sort
d) Shell sort
e) Heap sort
5- Write a program to determine the string is palindrome or not.
6- Write a program to find the factorial value of given number n (where n >=0) using the following method :
a) Non-recursively
b) Recursively
7- Write a program to find GCD of the given three numbers using Euclid's algorithm.
8- Write a program to generate the FIBONACCI series upto first 20 terms.
9- Write a program to generate first 50 prime numbers.10- Write a program to generate the prime numbers between 100 & 5000.


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