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Saturday, February 14, 2009

Question Paper of Class Test 1 of PGDCA II Semester

Class Test 1 ( Feb 12 -14, 2009)


Duration : 1 Hr. M.M. 10 (Each Subject)

PAPER I : Programming Paradigms

Q.1 - List at least 5 paradigms that you are aware of. Briefly explain any two of them. (3)

Q.2 - What do you understand by good characteristics of a language. Discuss. (3)

Q.3 - Differentiate between the following :

a) Early & Late Binding

b) Compiled & Interpreted Language

Paper II : System Analysis & Design

Note : Each question carry equal marks.

Q.1 - Define the term "System". List the various components of a system?

Q.2 - What is the role of System Analyst in the development of any project? Expalain.

Q.3 - Define the entropy of a system. List and explain the characteristics of an open dynamic syste.

Q.4 - Differentiate between DFD and flowchart. Is it possible to design a system without analysis? Justify your answer.

Paper III : Data Communication & Networks

Q.1 - What is computer network? Mention its advantages and disadvantages? (1)

Q.2 - What are protocols? Why protocol, become so important when machines communicate with each others? Mention the main functions that are looked after by protocols. (2)

Q.3 - List the hardware and software required for establishing (a) LAN (b) WAN (2)

Q.4 - What is TCP/IP? Explain.

Q.5 - (a) In how many ways you can classify a computer network? Explain. (2)

(b) Why star topology is preferred in the creation of a network? (1)

Paper IV : Object Oriented Programming in 'C++'

Q.1 - What do you understand by object-oriented programming? Explain its advantage over procedural programming language. (4)

Q.2 - Explain the following with examples (1x6)

(a) Object (b) Class (c) Abstraction

(d) Constructor (e) Destructor (f) Function Overloading

Paper V : Java Programming and Internet

Q.1 - Why was java language developed. Explain it's characteristics.

Q.2 - What is class and write the syntax declaration of class. Write a program to access the method in the main class.

Q.3 - Write a program that accomplish the following task :

int num1[5] = new int[5] = {3,5,6,7,8,9,10}

String name[6] = new String = {"Rajesh", "Ajaya","Vipul","Mohit","Neraj"}

a) Print all the elements of array num1 using loop. If value increases or decreases, the output should not be affected.

b) Print the array names in reverse order without using the loop.

Q.4 - Define the following terms - instance variable, local variable and type casting.


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