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Friday, May 29, 2009

PGDCA (IInd Semester) Examination, 2009 Internet & Java Programming Paper V

PGDCA (IInd Semester)
Examination, 2009
Internet & Java Programming
Paper V

Note : Attempt question No. 1 which is compulsory (carries 14 marks) and any other 4 questions from the rest (carrying 9 marks each). 5 questions are to be answered in all

1 (a)Customer database is available. Write a program using JDBC to store the details of customer and try out sql manipulation like insertion and updation of data.
(b)What is array? Explain how an array variable is different from an ordinary variable? And how array initialization is done in Java. Explain with suitable example.

2 (a)What is internet? Write the advantages and disadvantages of internet.
(b)Explain the different types of connection by which we can connect internet.
(c) Explain the following terms -
(i) E-Mail
(ii) FTP
(iii) Video conferencing

3 Answer all of the following :
(a) What is a constructor? What are the uses of declaring a constructor member function in a program?
(b)List at lease five major differences between C and Java.
(c) Differenciate between instance variable and static variable.
(d) What is the use of operator new? Explain with example.

4 (a)What is Package? How a package is created? Explain.
(b)How to import a class from another package in a program? Explain.
(c) Why was Java language developed? Explain its main characteristics.

5 Create a GUI based application with the following specifications : Put two text fields, five labels and one button on a frame. First text field contains the text "Enter employee name", second text field contains the "Employee salary". Click on the button to compute HRA 15% of salary and DA 60% of salary and print these entire things on the label.

6 (a)Describe the Life Cycle of Multithread? Explain with suitable example.
(b)The following code draws a ling. Will the code work? If not, why and correct it?
Import java.awt.*;
Class A { public static void main(String args[]){
Public void paint()
{g.draw Line(20,20,90,90,50);}}}
(c) Explaing some run time and compile time errors.

7 (a)Describe how applets work. State the purpose of the following methods : init(), start(), paint(), stop() and destroy() are executed? In which order these methods are executed.
(b)State the various type of inheritance. Explain the Multiple inheritance with suitable example.

8. Write short notes on the following :
(i) Java Server Page
(ii) Try and catch block
(iii) Class & Object
(iv) Enterprise Java Beans (EJB)


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